Can stock market be predicted


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Can stock market be predicted for Price Trend

This is the million dollar question. In finance and economics there is the concept or random walk. It means that stock market or any financial asset moves in a randon way. Stock prices, how high or how low the stock quotes or stock market indexes can move is a random way.

Can stock market be predicted with technical analysis?

This is another tough question. In many cases momentum and trend trading or positive sentiment move stock market and stocks to higher or lower price levels. Traders and investors can analyze the stock market graph, read latest news about stock market live and focus on how stock market closed today.

In reality it is very naive to believe that indeed the stock market can be predicted. Daily it is about risk, news, sentiment, economic indicators, stock upgrades, stock downgrades. So the answer to can stock market be predicted is simply no. Stock market rallies continue for days or months, but reversals come at some point, when valuations of stocks seem to be too high.

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