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Why the Stock Market Reigns as the Ultimate Business the stock market on the internet

The stock market is best business because is a market for public where they can buy or sell shares on stock exchange. The stocks are also famous as equities. Stock market exists to serve a wider economy. It helps people make profits on their income when they invest their money in stocks and also helps companies to spread their risk and gain large rewards.

Stock market helps government to increase spending through the revenue generated from tax from companies trading in stock exchanges. Investment in stock exchange can be profitable as they offer plenty of benefits. It can be a good means to grow your wealth with the passage of time.

But since you are new to this business, you can’t gain profits just like that. You need to know a lot about this market and then only you can grow your wealth. Although this business is one of the best business that one can choose to do. You can start it as full time or part time as well. Let’s know how.

There are so many threats that people talk about this business but since you are here to know about the strengths of this business so that you can excel in stock market so here is an article for you to detail all the goods about the stock market.

In this article you will get to know why stock market is the best business and what are its positive sides.

Dear friends let me ask you if you have opened your demat account or not? If you have got it, you are one step ahead and if you haven’t then get it as it is the first step towards this business.

A Complete Series For Beginners In Stock Market

I would like to start with stock market by saying that there is no business as best and clean as this business. If you get to know how to trade in this business and also know how it deals then there is no other business than this.

If an investor learns the positives of this business he can cash this business. But one thing that you should take care of is that you shouldn’t leave all your work and come in this business as it is not that easy to excel here. You will have to do learn it and do a lot of hard work and stay dedicated to become successful in this business. You will have to spend time to adjust in this business and know about every detail in this system. There are so many positive points about this business but you can learn only with time.

why Stock Market is the best Business in the world

Let’s talk about the positive points about this business.

No Credit: It is the only business that doesn’t involve any credit. You have to deal all in cash. You have to invest while giving cash and receive also cash. If you have invested in stock market you will have to pay cash in next two days and if you have earned from stock market you receive it in next two days only. There is no credit in this business.

There are so many businesses where you buy raw material or ready stock in cash and sell in credit stressing yourself. But here you don’t get credit. It relieves you from stress because you don’t have to think about anyone as there is no credit offered in the market from your end. Stock exchanges take care of your money. Within two days you get your earnings from stock market.

You don’t even know from whom you are buying stock or selling to. This is the beauty about this business.

15 reasons Why Attractive opportunities in the stock market

100% Transparency: There is complete transparency in this business. The rate you see sitting in India is same in the entire world be it USA or Singapore. All FI’s are able to see the same rate of the shares. It is your wish whether you want to buy or sell at the ongoing cost as there is no bargain. The cost of share is same. It doesn’t see whether you are rich or poor. There is no business where you don’t get bulk discount.

No Biasness: If you buy less shares in this market you pay same rate and there is no bulk discount in this business as if you buy more you have to pay more premium. As you buy more, the price of stock rises and you have to pay more. The cost is never set seeing who you are. Whether you are an Indian or American the cost of share will remain same for you.

No Bulk Discount: You buy anything from market, you set cost depending on the quantity to you buy but it is not like this in stock market. You can buy any number of shares the cost of shares will be set according to market scenario not according to quantity you are ready to buy. This is what fascinates me about this business.

You can exit anytime: The best thing about this business is that you can drop it anytime. If you are running any other business you will have to think a number of times as you have stock to sell in your warehouse.

You have invested a lot in your running business, your stock will be wasted, you will not get good return if you sell all your stock. All your infrastructure will get waste and you will not even get the money you have given on credit to the buyers.

Everything comes to zero. Thinking all this can make you ill. Even though you think about exiting from your present business then also it takes years. All you can do is exit from here easily and start your new venture.

Why Should I start Investing in Stock Market?

Exit cost is less: You can very easily exit from this market. The day you plan, you can exit too. It just takes minutes to exit as exit cost is very less.

Expansion Cost Is Nill: Expansion cost is the cost that you need to incur if you wish to expand your business by investing more money. Here in stock market the cost of expansion is almost nil. The stock you buy only is the only cost you have to pay if you buy more, no other expansion cost is needed.

If you buy 500 shares and think to increase your investment to 5000 then sitting on the same laptop in the same room, will increase your business in stock market. This is the beauty of this business.

Your absence doesn’t impact your business: If at present, you are not checking the ongoing stock market, it would not impact your business. If you are not watching your stock, then also your business is going on. The market opens daily, all trades go on, whether you check or not. If you are out of town, and then come back and check, things will remain same for months.

The way you drop, it remains same. It isn’t like other shops where you lose your customers because stock market business can be handled from any place and at anytime via laptop or mobile. Now your hands are powerful. You can sit anywhere and deal with stocks and shares. Your shop is running on your phone. You can easily buy and sell your stocks. Isn’t it such an ease that you have.

No Labor Laws, No ESI, No PF and No Government Interference: If you start any business in India, you have a queue of government employs who come to check the formalities you have done or not. No one will come to you if you deal in stock market. Just pay tax at the end. If you run any other business, you may have to give share to many.

Marketing Expenses: Here no advertisement expense you have to bear as it is the only business that runs without any advertisement cost. Things are running on their own. So no further expenses to bear.

Minimum Required Capital: One more thing is that you can start dealing in stock market with very low capital only as there is no set limit. You can initially learn this business and then invest more. No one comes to you to ask how much you have invested and all.

Assessment of Income: No one can judge your income form this business until you tell them. This is not in all other business as people visit your shop and you sell your stuff. So people get to know your income. In this business of stock market, no one will ever get to know your earnings. This is again a fascinating feature of this business.

No one can ever judge your business, henceforth I say this business to be best. Life is too long, invest time in learning this business. Then you can make good wealth.

5 days a week: One more thing I would like to add here is that it is a 5 days a week business and you can spend good time with your family if you trade in stock market.

All government holidays apply here as well. In routine you can start working at 9:30 and get free after half day. Here we have explained all good points about stock market here.

Earn money when market is low: You can earn in other market when the market is high but here in stock market it doesn’t apply here. You can earn and make money in stock market even when the market is low.

Frequently Asked Questions On Why Stock Market Is Best Business?

Which is best business or stock market?

This question is difficult to answer as it completely depends on your level of knowledge, personal skills, preferences or resources whether you want to start your own business or trade in stock market only. It is henceforth important to know every information about stock market before investing in it. Both business and stock market comes with risk. If you take wrong decisions, you will face loses. It is possible that you lose all your invested money.

Is stock market a good business?

Of course, stock market is a good business but you must know about all information that is used while investing in stock market. If you don’t use your knowledge and take advice from experts or explore information online then you will repent in future. Failures in stock market usually call it gambling at the end.

Is stock market good for career?

Yes, stock market can be good for career if you invest wisely. Initially, it is difficult to make money in stock market. You need to stay patient and make long term goals if you want to invest in stock market. Later years pay good. This has proved to be a good career for many as they invested wisely and could make good earnings from trading in stock market.

Is stock market profitable?

Yes, stock market can be profitable if you invest wisely. It can make you earn 1 lakh and more in a month. All you have to do is learn every detail about the stock you want to invest and then trade.

What are the benefits of stock market business?

There are so many benefits of stock market business as you can make good money from it if you invest wisely. There are so many benefits of this business. You can trade in stock market from anywhere and at anytime. It is a 5 day working business so you can spend good time with your family. You can invest any amount in this business and henceforth it doesn’t require lakhs of investment. There is no biasness in this business as it doesn’t see your nationality or religion. It has same price for all at which you can buy stock.

Is stock trading good or bad?

Stock trading is good and bad both. If you invest wisely, you earn profits and if you don’t invest wisely and make wrong decisions then stock trading is definitely bad as you bear loss.

What are the psychological benefits in stock market?

Trading psychology refers to the understanding and study of emotional and psychological aspects that influence your decision making while investing your money in stock market. It includes examining the impact of emotions, self control. discipline and mental state that lays emphasis on stock market trading. If you don’t focus on how and where you are investing, you are going to bear loss. Here psychological aspect plays an important role that lets you make the right decision.

What are the benefits of stock market trading?

There are so many benefits of stock market business as you can make good money from it if you invest wisely. There are so many benefits of this business. You can trade in stock market from anywhere and at anytime. It is a 5 day working business so you can spend good time with your family. You can invest any amount in this business and henceforth it doesn’t require lakhs of investment. There is no biasness in this business as it doesn’t see your nationality or religion. It has same price for all at which you can buy stock.

What are the attractive opportunities in stock market?

There are so many attractive opportunities in stock market trading. You can invest your money in any stock you want from anywhere. It let’s you trade right from the corner of your house provide you comfort. Once you learn all the tactics to invest in stock market, you can surely become a wealthy person.

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