Stock market and the car service example about investing


The stock market has many opportunities for investing but also too many risks and dangers. Do you have an investment plan and investment approach about how to select stocks, either the stocks to buy or stocks to sell? Or do you invest in stocks randomly? Buying meme stocks wishing they will move higher and make a quick and lucky profit for your investment. How do you choose stocks to invest in? Speculate? Or perform due diligence, analyze the fundamentals and maybe even check the technical analysis of stocks you are most interested in?

Stocks to invest in

What about you car and the service it requires? Do you go to an authorized mechanic who has the experience and kwoedge and mostly your trust or do you trust the service of you car to an unknown person without the proper qualifications hoping nothing wrong could happen?

It is the same principle about the stock market, and stocks to invest in. Do you buy stocks or sell stocks based on luck? Or or news or even worse or some dubious social media or Reddit forums that ofhen use the illegal pumd-and-dump scheme in pushing stocks with poor fundamentals and often too overvalued just to shake the traditional stock market system and cause another short-squeeze?

There are amny stocks today, stocks to watch and public companies to invest in. Do your homework first. Apply a logical and thorough investment approach. The US stock market hides too many risks among the opportunities.

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